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Shiny TV lady watches me clean my flat…


Well here’s something weird that happened to me today. Yahoo! has this thing called The 9 and it’s like nine memes that they think are funny or cool or interesting or whatever and it’s presented by this lady who is sort of perfect and shiny and full of happiness and not in the slightest bit Read More

Clean your flat in sixty seconds…


I just got back from the US after Hack Day and I’ve been away a while and I’d forgotten what a wreck my flat had become in the build-up to Future of Web Apps. Anyway, I’d been recently introduced to the OSX time-lapse app Gawker and I sort of wondered whether making a bit of Read More

The Evil Tree of Evolution…


Added 10.30pm: It has been pointed out to me that in fact the image below is a spoof and that I am really quite quite stupid! I will be leaving the evidence for my crapulence below in perpetuity as a reminder to myself to check things a little more thoroughly in future. Thanks to the Read More

My dark secret is out….


It seems my secret is finally out – I pay my bills and lead my decadent glamourous lifestyle through my experitise in online poker! And I live in the Castro Valley! And my beard is awesome! Thanks to Nikolaj for spotting this one:

Superman vs. Wikis…


It’s not really versus as such. I went for the sensationalist title. Apologies. Anyway, a depowered Clark Kent in the latest issue of >52 has an assistant use a wiki to look up a weird alien creature that has appeared in the middle of Metropolis holding a submarine in its maw. Reminds me of the Read More

Do you like crisps?


It’s been getting such a lot of entertaining responses on Flickr that I thought maybe I should post this little creation of Paul Hammond and Simon Willison more publically: I mean, who’s going to say no to that? More seriously, it’s probably indicative of my just-returned-from-holiday state that I can’t cohere enough of a thoughtstream Read More

How to attract Jeff Bezos’ attention…


So Jeff Bezos has invested in 37signals, which follows on nicely from his previous investment in Biddulph and I have been thinking about this, and following the pattern we have determined that the next three companies that Bezos is likely to invest in will start with 31, 25 and 19. According to Google Sets Read More

Answering your Odeo questions…


About six weeks ago, I asked a bunch of you to record little voicemail messages for me using the little Odeo Voicemail-a-like feature. You can still send me these things if you want to: Send me an Odeo. Specifically I asked, If you could ask me one question what would it be? I was sort Read More

Cybermen are Human 2.0?


According to Doctor Who, the Cybermen are Humans 2.0 (or more specifically, Human Point Two, which… means… very little). But I protest! I’m not sure Human 2.0 means anything at all! It’s just a stupid buzzword. Of course it all started with that famous talk from ETech 2004, Is there a robot overlord in your Read More

On Cyclops and the male gaze…


Okay. So here’s a quick theory that cropped up in my head a few years ago and I’ve never really got around to writing it down. It is, frankly, based on some pretty vague memories of some fast-and-loose reading of Laura Mulvey, Jacques Lacan and Sigmund Freud. It is also supposed to not be taken Read More

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