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Farewell BBC – and hello Yahoo!


Right then! It’s time to get everything out in the open and talk about some of the stuff that’s been going on behind the scenes over the last few months. First things first – and this will probably come as a bit of a surprise to a few people – I’ve decided to make a Read More

In which I raise a weary hand and wave…


You may be wondering why everything’s got a bit quiet around here. Unfortunately, the whole flooding situation with my flat is still occupying most of my attention. I only tell you this stuff so that you’ll forgive me for not talking about Audioscrobbler and merging and relaunching (loads new features – tags, albums, redesigned Read More

In which everything gets wet…


I’m having a bit of a sucky day today. I woke up early this morning to get ready for a thing that Mr Hammond was organising, stuck on the washing machine and went back to bed. Forty minutes later, I register that the noise it’s making seems weirder than normal, I step out of bed Read More

Explosions rock London’s infrastructure…


I was in a meeting when the bombs went off – which it now looks like was the cause of the explosions that have been going off around buses and tube stations around the capital. At this moment in time, the best coverage is on TV and radio, although Londonist has good weblog-related coverage. So Read More

Bloggie, bloggie, bloggie, bloggie etc.


It’s Bloggie Nomination time again and I’m up for two awards this year – Best UK / Irish weblog and – gulp – lifetime achievement. And of course, typically, as soon as lots of people start linking to my site I can’t think of anything whatsoever to say – total stage-fright. Given how slack I’ve Read More

###Tom For Sale###


As many of you know, – the company where I have worked for the last ten months – put itself up for sale a few weeks ago. Many of my co-workers prudently put their CVs online at that time, but for a variety of reasons, until now I’ve not done so. Yesterday a deal Read More

On the removal of a wisdom tooth…


So I end today with one less tooth than I started it with. That’s right – the axis of evil that has been building within my mouth-mountain has finally been excised by the pure democratic might of Mr Moselhi – Notting Hill Dentist and International Man of Mystery. After perforating my jaw and palate with Read More

Flashbacks and Comic Books…


Flashback madness. I’m ten – I’m living in a little village in Norfolk called Belaugh. On Sunday mornings my dad drives to the nearest village (Wroxham) for the Sunday papers. Sunday is the only day of the week that the papers aren’t delivered. I look forward to this all week, because it’s pretty much the Read More

Thirty-six hours…


What a strange couple of days. How did I end up four days before my twenty-ninth birthday sitting in my bedroom, while in the kitchen I’m making chicken stock? Thirty-six hours in a nutshell… Saturday 12 midday: Receive, through the post, ¬£40 worth of Sainsbury’s vouchers from my mother and grandmother. 12:30pm I receive a Read More

The Price of Happiness is ¬£1 million…


An article in the Sunday times purports to discover the Price of Happiness [via Metafilter]- which is, it appears around £1m. Here in an insight into my current frame of mind on this issue. I have never chosen a job on the basis of how much money it earns, which might explain why I have Read More

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